Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Still, Small Voice?

I suppose I've always been a Mormon Cartoonist, but I didn't become a Mormon Cartoonist until my mission. While I was in the MTC, I started sending letters home to my family with a little gag off to the side of their address every week. After I left the MTC and started my service in Slovenija, the gags went inside of the envelope and the practice continued for two years.

All the gags I sent home were, not surprisingly, missionary gags. Some were based on real life experiences and others, like the one below, were completely fanciful.

I submitted this particular gag to The New Era with my very first submission to the magazine way back in 2001. The magazine opted not to purchase it for obvious reasons.


  1. Fanciful??? We learned this technique in the MTC.

  2. I agree with Joel on this, except we were taught to use Glockenspiels.

  3. lolololololololololol!