Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Panel in Desperate Need of a Better Caption

Several years ago The New Era purchased a gag I submitted of a ward basketball game where one team was dressed in suits of armor. The caption I supplied had a member of the other team commenting to a teammate that ward basketball is getting too violent.

I liked the joke, but I liked it even more when The New Era published it as a caption contest (mainly because it meant that I got the entire "Extra Smile" page to myself--see page 39). In fact, I liked the idea so much that when I submitted the following comic last year, I secretly hoped they'd do it again.

Alas, they opted not to purchase the following gag. The image is strong, I'm just not too happy with the caption. Perhaps you can help. I look forward to your submissions.


  1. no ideas Arie.... however we did buy the sacrament meeting book -- Tyler is excited to get using it!!!! looks fun .... THANKS!!!!

  2. Trust me Elders this parade idea is a great way for people to hear about the church.

  3. Dinner is taking a little longer than planned, so my wife asked me to take the long way home.

  4. And then the pioneers got into their wagons and headed West ...

  5. Your mother says you may play with them for a bit, but don't feed them or they'll keep coming back.

    Look what I picked up at the yard sale at that strange church down the street. It was buy-one-get-one-free.

    I'm not sure who they are either. Some guy named "Elder Zone Leader" swapped them for my wagonload of Girl Scout cookies.

    BTW: Rosebud was a sled.

  6. Oh, sure, give the ending of the greatest film ever made! I'm aware that Rosebud was a sled, but I wasn't able to come up with any famous wagons.

  7. When I signed up for the missionary service project, this wasn't what I had in mind. Just what exactly did you two do to get your car taken away?

  8. Greatest film ever? Heck, it's not even in color! And all those creepy shadows . . .

    1. What's wrong with lack of color?