Friday, May 8, 2009

A Major Announcement

If you've stumbled upon this blog more than once, you've probably noticed that every Thursday (with an occasional exception) I post a comic of the week. And outside of that, I may post something here or there.

Well, this blog is about to get twice as good because starting Monday, I'll be introducing "Missionary Monday"! I'll be posting the adventures of Elder Alex Van Dyke and his various companions every week on (big surprise here) Mondays while still posting the comic of the week on Thursdays.

So plan your blog reading accordingly.


  1. WHOA!!! Thats big time! The adventures of Elder Van Dyke are your greatest works of all time and we have the opportunity to see it every week on this blog. I am excited.

  2. You can take my word for it, The Adventures of Elder Van Dyke is fantastic.

    Sometime you have to tell the story of how Elder Van Dyke came about (feel free to make up a new story if it sounds better than the real story (thats what Star Trek did)).

  3. This is great news. It's been a long time since I read the Van Dyke chronicles and I'm eager to see this classic series introduced anew to another generation of fans. Will there be any changes? Any George Lucas-style remastering to introduce technology or social dilemmas that didn't exist at the time of original crafting? Will Elder Van Dyke have to struggle with making his monthly stipend stretch in the new world economy? Will he wrestle his inner need to be both spiritual and "green," closely monitoring his carbon footprint as he and his companion make their way around the countryside? Will there be a thread involving tweeting? Will you create a facebook site for the character and post realistic photos and blog reports that fool all but the most hardcore fans? There's so much you can do with this that I'm surprised no one thought of doing this before. Kudos! I eagerly await your first post.