Thursday, June 18, 2009

Girls Camp Horror Stories

This week is Girls Camp in my ward. So I thought I'd honor the occasion.

Girls Camp is one of those phrases in the Church that could really use some clarification. Is the correct spelling Girls' Camp or Girls Camp? It surely isn't Girl's Camp because it belongs to more than one girl. It's one of those phrases, like Elders Quorum, where I struggle wondering where or if it needs an apostrophe. The Church really should have a style guide for stuff like this.

(By the way, I usually opt for no apostrophe because that's one less character and I'm lazy like that.)


  1. I've often wondered that about the apostrophe as well. :)

  2. I'm down with no apostrophe, and I have a perfectly logical justification.

    Think of it as "Camp for Girls." An apostrophe in that phrase would be completely non-sensical. Therefore, Girls Camp is correct.

  3. Actually, the church does have a style guide you can buy at the Distribution Center or BYU Bookstore, but I don't think Girls' Camp (my preference) is mentioned.

  4. Actual for proper english the apostrophe should go after the word "girls'" As for the plural use of a group of girls. Therefore the belonging to a group of girls. I am not sure if that is helpful. Anyhow how girls camp is starting this week for us and I loved the cartoon.