Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another Post on The A-MAZE-ing Book of Mormon

I love my publishers at Walnut Springs. It's through them that I've achieved a lifelong dream of seeing my work on the shelves of bookstores.

That being said, in every creative endeavor there will be artistic disagreements. It hasn't happened much as Walnut Springs has been very supportive of my work, but we did run into an impasse while discussing the cover for the recently published A-MAZE-ing Book of Mormon (available here and here).

Ultimately, we settled on the cover my publishers wanted to use, but I still think mine was better (see below).


  1. The Walnut Springs people just MAY have had a good point including the cute Prophet dude on the front too. :)

  2. I like the cover. Bold. Very Dan-Brown.

    Now that I know that your work is available on Amazon I'm thinking of posting one of those "Listmania" lists. Something like "The Essential Arie Van De Graaff Collection," or "My list of the most important Mormon maze books of the 21st century."