Monday, September 14, 2009

Elder Van Dyke's Family

In all the months of Missionary Mondays, I don't believe I've introduced Elder Van Dyke's family. Here they are: Mom, Dad, and Little Sister. They pop up about a dozen times in the strip so I'm sure I'll run more with them in the future.

This strip is one of my favorite family strips. And, as an added bonus, it's based off of a true story of a Mormon Cartoonists reader.


  1. My parents waited around at the Airport to take a picture of what they thought was my plane taking off. I wish it was, we sat on the runway for 2hrs waiting for maintenance to fix a problem.

    I don't think I my mom did this, but then again I have never asked.

  2. My mom said she saw you today. That's cool about the memorial garden in honor of your dad. I'm sending her the link to this blog. :)

  3. I don't think my mom would have ever done this sort of thing with me. She'd had enough of me during my first 19 years.

    Her fourth son was a different story, though, and it wouldn't surprise me if she'd been caught outside the MTC gates with a spotting scope.

    Do you remember long ago when they used to allow MTC missionaries to go to the Orem mall on P-days? They used to even have a bus that would take them there and pick them up. All the girlfriends used to hang out there to meet up with their boyfriends. I can't imagine why the MTC leadership would put an end to such a useful and uplifting practice.

  4. Who's true story is this? I know I never sat in a car spying on you with mom and dad, although I'm sure I would have said it was lame too. I did try to sneak over the MTC fence to try and find a certain old boyfriend's window. Good thing I never did; I probably would have been struck by lightening.

  5. I do remember missionaries roaming the University Mall, Eric. That was certainly a higher class of riff raff than the mall typically attracts.

    When I was in the MTC, the family of a missionary in my district waited in the foyer of the Provo Temple all day on our P-Day to rendezvous with him. I thought openly flaunting MTC rules in the temple was pretty gutsy.

    Jena, the person from whom the strip was based will remain anonymous unless she choices to reveal herself, but it's no one you know.

  6. OK, Mr. Bernstein, we'll accept your cartoonist-informant privilege, but I'm going to start staking out parking garages in your area to break this case on my own.

  7. Eric,
    I think it would be a bit hard to solve a 16 year old stalking case. Unless that missionary has a way younger brother/sister or a Niece/nephew that happens to be in the MTC now.

    In either case I wish you luck.

  8. I remember when I worked at the MTC the security staff had a special patrol to the temple parking lots just to check for mothers and girlfriends who were hiding out.