Monday, December 28, 2009

Liken The Scriptures

On my mission we had stuff thrown at us just like Samuel the Lamanite! Only unlike Samuel; the snowballs thrown at us couldn't kill you, they often hit us, and we often threw them back.


  1. Marc has a great story about this: when he was on his mission, someone traveling in a car in the opposite direction threw a hard object at him and hit him right where it counts. He says it bounced right off like a sponge and he didn't even feel it. His companion told that story to everyone when he wanted to prove that missionaries were always protected (even by flying objects that should really hurt).

  2. I was once attacked by a band of Austrian hooligans armed with snowballs. The Austrian kids--who, being more accustomed to using their legs in sports (soccer) than arms, threw like ataxic nursing home residents--suffered in terrified awe as my companion and I let loose a barrage of snowballs. As luck would have it, my companion at the time had previously been a minor league pitcher. Priceless.

    We repented later.

  3. Remember the 'spitter'? That homeless drunk who always hung out around the main post office in Ljubljana? I actually got spit upon once! He hated us missionaries!

  4. Man, I totally forgot about the spitter. I remember psycho 'fro, the mad yodeler, little Hitler, and the angry Hrvat; but I forgot about the spitter. The hopelessly schizophrenic seem unnaturally drawn to LDS missionaries. Probably because they're the only people kind enough to engage them.

    So, in a weird way, Jennie, perhaps the spitter was just expressing his gratitude to you.

    Or he really just hated us missionaries.