Monday, June 7, 2010

Teaching in the Park

As a missionary, I spent more time visiting with drunks, the homeless, and their ilk; than I ever have before or since. Those folks are drawn to missionaries probably because as a whole missionaries treat them better than most any segment of the population.

Although, sometimes missionaries can abuse their trust...


  1. You bring up a challenging issue. As a former missionary I recognize that "the least of these" may be more receptive than the average well-to-do guy on the street.

    As a medical professional I recognize that most of the homeless, especially those with substance abuse problems, are also afflicted with mental illnesses that make them both more susceptible to the influence of zealous missionaries and less likely to remain committed to the necessary restrictions of Church membership.

    If my opinion on the subject were ever sought I would recommend that missionaries not actively seek out those who list their home address as a park bench.

  2. Has Dave ever told you about his park bench contacting methods? He and his companion once tried to see if the people would come to them by sitting on a park bench. I don't think it worked.

  3. Yeah, Kelsey, to quote the old Missionary Guide, that sounds like the "less-effective method."