Monday, October 18, 2010

And For My Next Trick . . .

The pancake is perhaps the world’s most ubiquitous food. According to that fountain of all knowledge (no, not Ken Jennings—Wikipedia, of course), pancakes are “probably the earliest and most widespread types of cereal food eaten in prehistoric societies.”

Around the world it goes by many names: crepe, palatschinke, cannoli, blintz, pooda, and perhaps hundreds more. Regardless of locale, the flat, griddle-based breakfast food is a staple of pretty much every missionary who ever existed (Ammon was known to snack on these before going out to tend the flocks) simply because they are available everywhere.

Of course, not every missionary exhibits the juggling talents of this young chef.

On an unrelated note, this will be the last time I’ll be hosting Mormoncartoonist—not because I’m going anywhere, but rather because Arie will most likely promptly fire me as soon as he gets back from vacation and sees what a mess I’ve made of it. So, I’d like to thank my faithful readers for sticking with me through the many hours of my tenure.

I’d also like to make a recommendation. It’s my opinion that Arie’s missionary comics should be picked up and published by the large, missionary-friendly, local newspaper that covers the Utah area (You’ll note I’m coyly avoiding identifying this paper by name. I’m just curious to see if any of you think I’m talking about the Tribune). Arie’s series of madcap missionary antics is much better than the drivel that currently populates the funny pages.

I propose that we launch a grassroots campaign to force their editors to at least take a look at Arie’s stuff and grant it some real consideration. Hey, if the Tea Party can mobilize millions of Americans to their cause, why can’t we?

Copy the link to this comic, send it to everyone you know (finally, all those “friends” on Facebook will actually serve a useful purpose) and tell them to send an email to with a link to this site and the title “We Want The Mormon Cartoonist In Print!!!”

I have no doubt that this will work. I wish I could tell you that I’ll keep you posted on the success of our campaign, but I’m pretty sure my Mormoncartoonist administrator privileges are about to expire. Good luck!


  1. Eric, I must admit I was a little curious how these posts would turn out when Arie told me (while waiting in line for Splash Mountain) that he had left you with his blog posting duties. I think you should start a new "weekend post from the editor." Your captions were easily as funny as Arie's comics.

    -Kelsey (Mindy's brother's wife)

  2. Thanks to you, Eric, we all had a great time on our trip and Arie was completely confident that his blog was in good hands.

    I would be happy to head up a campaign to see Arie in the paper:).