Monday, October 4, 2010

Basesd on a True Story

Today's strip is based on a true story. My trainer shared this with me at the beginning of my mission and and I pretty much was able to put it in a strip unchanged.

The characters are supposed to be in a bus (drawing interiors of mass transit is, apparently, not one of my strong points).

Check back tomorrow (or the next day) for my conference recap packet.


  1. This one is so true -- except where we were, they always thought we were CIA rather than businessmen! I loved it when the people were shocked and surprised that you understood what they said...even though you just spoke to them moments ago in their native language!

  2. Agree with Kevin--this happened quite a bit and was always fulfilling. Mostly, however, it was old ladies slandering us on the Strassenbahn rather than attractive young females.

  3. Ha,That is awesome! Looking forward to your conference kids loved your conference packet I printed out for them this conference!

  4. Funny! My favorite moment of surprising some locals with my eavesdropping skills was on a bus filled with drunk soccer fans (we lived right by the stadium in Salzburg). I'll just let you use your imagination about how that conversation went.