Monday, November 22, 2010

Managing the Press

In some ways missionary work hasn't changed much since the days of Paul. But in other ways, things have changed a ton since I wore the badge a mere 16 years ago. Here's yet another comic which may or may not apply to today's missionary. Does anyone know if missionaries today write their weekly letters to the Mission President on paper or if they email it to him?

I feel so old.


  1. My son in Chile sends an email report, and gets email response weekly from his president.

  2. "Dope". That's a strong word for a missionary. I'm shocked by Elder Van Dyke's language.

  3. Thanks for the clarification, Big Davy, I suspected that was the case.

    As for the word "dope", Jena, if anything it further highlights how out of touch I am with today's Missionaries. Don't the kids these days view that word as a positive? (i.e., "Check out my bling-bling, it sure is dope, yo!")