Monday, February 7, 2011


Two thoughts on karma or fate or whatever you want to call it.

First, over the last year the only NFL team that I represented on this blog happened to win the Super Bowl yesterday. We've previously discussed the mystical powers of suggestion my gags have. Apparently, those powers extend into professional football. Next season I'll hold an auction to decide which team's logo I'll be highlighting on this blog. (And don't let Kevin Beckstrom tell you that he, too, has those powers--his power of suggestion seems to only extend out for a day.)

Now, onto today's missionary comic. Longtime readers of this blog will remember that Elder Van Dyke is viewed as "the mission curse." Every one of his companions has been "Dear Johned" while with him. With Valentine's Day nearly upon us, I thought I'd return to that narrative. Today's strip shows that no matter what you try to do to avoid it, sometimes fate has something in store for you.


  1. This probably happens pretty often, along with a similar level of denial.

  2. Truth be told, I think the Packers are the only team that I've mentioned. My buddy Gary, over on newsphotographyexposed, used to be a photog for the Pack. I don't dare mention any other NFL teams by name!

  3. Kevin, I hope you know I was just teasing. Actually, as a long-time follower of your blog, I'm aware that your cheesehead friend was the imputes behind you blogging in the first place.

    Sadly, my powers to predict sports titles do not extend into pro basketball or college sports.

  4. Arie, I believe you are right about the pro basketball predictions. I'm sure you've drawn many a comics about the Jazz finally winning the NBA title.

  5. Your cartooning powers of suggestion could prove to be very beneficial. Maybe you could mention our family being the winners in the drawing for the new flatscreen TV at the grocery store in your gag next week.