Monday, March 28, 2011

A New Investigator

Starting today, I'm beginning a new multi-week arch following Elder Van Dyke's experiences with another serious investigator. Hopefully, things will turn out better than his last one.

For this strip I tried to find the least consequential television show I could think of. Ten years ago that was Gilligan's Island. Had I done this strip today, there would have been a dozen reality TV shows I could have plugged in instead.


  1. Actually, if Laptuania is anything like most developing countries, they are about ten years behind on pop culture. They are probably listening to mega death and iron maiden right now as well.

  2. Clearly you didn't grow up in the golden age of afternoon television reruns, otherwise you wouldn't consider making a mockery of such a sacred institution as Gilligan's Island. This is a dangerous game you're playing, my friend--a slippery slope. Today you mock stranded castaways and who knows what you'll blaspheme tomorrow? The Brady Bunch? Lost in Space? The Partridge Family? I shudder when I think of what sacrlilege you might wreak with a cartonnish desecration of James Tiberius Kirk!

    A Concerned Reader