Thursday, April 7, 2011

Not That Kind of Text

Thanks to cell phones, kids these days have so many forms of distraction Sundays during the block. Why in my day, the only distraction I had if a lesson dragged on was the map section in the back of my bible.


  1. There used to be a game you could play with the old hymnal before it was replaced in 1985. That book had both page numbers and hymn numbers. You pick a page at random, look at the hymn number, and turn to the page with the same number. You can go page after page until you end up in a blind loop between several hymns that cycle back on themselves.

    Does anybody else remember doing this? Or is your blog audience all too young?

  2. I have no recollection of that game, Eric. You are ancient, though. Arie, don't forget about all those empty margins found in the sacrament programs...they kept you and your pencil busy for hours.