Thursday, April 28, 2011

Without Purse or Scrip

Today's gag comes from an idea suggested by faithful reader Mandy P.* I had a companion like this, except his approach was to spend his monthly allotted funds as quickly as possible to enjoy the promised scriptural blessings associated with going without purse or scrip.

*If you would like the honor (?) of seeing one of your gags drawn and published on this website, send me an email. I should make it clear that there is no guarantee that I'll use your joke, that I won't twist it into something else, or that it will happen in a timely fashion. But if I do publish your joke, I will give you credit (or blame, depending on your personal view of this website). And please, don't expect any monetary reward for your efforts.


  1. Hmm... What about without purse or script?

  2. Ahh, if only I were clever enough to come up with an original idea for you. My talent is limited to peanut gallery comments and critiques of vanishing foreheads.