Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gospel Extrinsics*

This is a Sunday School course I'd love to take. Although, I might need some help with the curriculum. Can you think of further topics this class can cover? Share your topics in the comments section.

*I realize that extrinsic is an adjective and not a noun, but for the purpose of this joke, let's all pretend, ok?**

**I've been kind of overusing these footnotes recently, haven't I?


  1. LOVE your comics!
    suggestion for the Extrinsic's class:
    Adams belly button: did he have one?

  2. How the Battlestar Galactica remake parallels the great apostasy.

  3. Very funny comic and funny comments so far.

    Tips for buying real estate in Missouri.

  4. Signs of the time (and that Steve Martin is LDS).

  5. So an unfortunate consequence of blogger going down for a day appears to be the deletion of any comments made on this post. So here they are (as I remember them):

    --Does Adam have a belly button?

    --How the Battlestar Galactica remake mirrors the great apostasy.

    --Tips for purchasing land in Missouri.

    --Signs of the time (and that Steve Martin is a Mormon).

  6. It's unfortunate you lost all the comments. I'm sure one of mine was the clever idea that could have launched you to international fame.

  7. Was Mary Magdalene really Christ's wife?

  8. Dinosaur fossils, their origin and purpose

  9. I'm late to the game, but I asked the Jehovah's Witness missionaries this one: Is God really just a 12-dimensional being from another universe whose physics experiment went awry?

    They stopped coming to see me after that.