Monday, July 11, 2011

Dinner Appointment

I reread President Uchtdorf's excellent talk to the Relief Society titled "Happiness, Your Heritage" yesterday. In the talk, he contrasted his wife's excellent cooking with his less than stellar culinary skills. Strangely, though, of the two, she's the self-conscious one when serving a meal.

Much like the sister in today's strip, I'd imagine.


  1. I'm forever impressed with your drawing skills. In this case it's your ability to draw water in a glass (and the lack thereof in the final panel). Is that your own invention or or pick it up from other artists?

  2. Thanks, Eric. I've never been happy with the way I draw food. It usually looks like a bunch of goulash to me (not that I have anything against goulash, mind you). It's nice to know that I can take pride in my depiction of beverages (it's my own invention, although I'm sure a similar technique is utilized by many, many others).