Monday, July 4, 2011

What's More American Than...

Today's strip is another rerun, but I wanted to capture something American on, this, the Fourth of July--and what's more American than a Scottish sounding restaurant? (Judging from our ever-expanding waist sizes, not much.)


  1. Very true, but since there's no McDonald's where I'm at, I'll substitute in BK or Taco Bell.

  2. Austria's first McDonalds made it into Vienna in 1985. This is a country where fast food generally meant getting a bratwurst and bread roll from an outdoor food vendor (there was one on every corner). In their all-American wisdom, the McDonalds corp. added a drive-through to their newest restaurant. For the first few weeks, before the public could be educated otherwise, no one actually drove through the drive-through; rather, they lined up outside the window like they were used to doing at the bratwurst stands. I had my first Big Mac there in 1986 and, after nearly two years, thoroughly savored the Americanness of that greasy ball of saturated fat.