Monday, August 8, 2011

Ward Newsletter

Several years ago I was the Ward Newsletter Editor. In addition to letters from missionaries, I also crammed the thing full of all sorts of cartoons. In fact, it was in the Ward Newsletter where I first tried my hand at activity pages and puzzles, which lead to three books and a number of appearances in the Friend. (Making it, by far, my most profitable calling ever.)

It was awesome!

It was also something like eight pages long--which is probably why after I was released, the Bishop announced that further Ward Newsletters would be electronic. So, when you want to blame someone for the slow death of print media, you can start with me.


  1. You may be partially responsible for the electronic newsletters, but I am positive you were the best Newsletter Editor we ever had. The parents had to bribe their kids to give up the newsletters in order to read it.

  2. Our ward newsletter is electronic now too. I used to read it when it came around on fast Sunday. Now I just delete it in my e-mail. It's not as much fun to read on the computer. Thanks a lot, Arie.

    Your label says, true story. Is this a true story?

  3. Um, as far as me being the ward newsletter editor, yeah, that's true. As for the strip itself, not so much. I should probably change the label...