Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Old Guy in the Desert Gag

Along with the deserted island gag and the guy on the psychiatrist's couch gag, the guy in the desert gag makes up the holy trifectia of cliche gags. And like my earlier entries into these long-standing cliches, I'm asking you to come up with a caption for this gag. I'm also looking for your thoughts on additional comic strip cliches I should tackle for future caption contests.

So, to review I need from you, dear reader:
  1. A new and improved caption for this gag and
  2. Suggestions for future caption contests.


  1. Water? Sorry no, but here is a riddle for you. A man is found in the middle of the desert with a backpack on. How did he die?

    1. Jon, you left out the part where there are no visible footprints around him.

    2. I thought about adding that part, but figured the wind would've blown away any footprints anyway.

  2. "We've scheduled a baptism at a nearby oasis in a nice, cool, refreshing pool of water...You wouldn't be interested, would you?"

  3. We love your enthusiasm as a new convert, Mr. Wilson, but Fast Sunday is only one day a month.

  4. As always, I love the caption contests. Other classic gags:

    - the man on the street corner holding a sign with a variation of the saying "The end of the world is near."
    - the doctor breaking news to a patient seated on an exam table
    - the man standing before the pearly gates
    - the mice in a maze
    - the man at the bar

  5. "I hope you realize there are much easier ways to resist the temptation to break the word of wisdom."

  6. How's this?
    Missionaries: "Are we glad to see you. Street contacting has been really slow lately."

    Or maybe...
    Missionaries: "There are easier ways than this if you don't think you can serve in the nursery anymore."