Thursday, February 23, 2012

The End is Near

When I was in an Elders Quorum Presidency a couple of years ago, we tried all sorts of stuff to motivate the quorum to get their home teaching done. We had a treat jar that we'd pass around every month, we showed clips from inspirational movies; but we never did this.

I wish I'd thought of it then although I doubt I could have found someone for the job (smelly guys in bathrobes with apocalyptic signs aren't nearly as prevalent as comic strips would have you believe). Sadly, I didn't think of it then and I didn't think of it now. Today's gag comes from faithful reader Eric V.


  1. I think he needs a second sign (in pink with a floral border... and a stack of matching handouts) reminding the women of their visiting teaching.

    1. I love it. Maybe it should be a smelly gal in a bathrobe, though.