Thursday, March 22, 2012

Not That Kind of Judge in Israel

Sure, President, I'd be willing to sacrifice my Sundays and most weekdays; deal with heartache, conflict, and discipline in my ward; and struggle over tough financial issues of welfare; just, please, don't ask me to be yelled at by a bunch of LeBron James wannabes over every missed call.


  1. It's not often I get to call to your attention inaccuracies in your artwork. I simply can't let this one pass without comment, however. The look of contentment and satisfaction on the face of the stake president is perfect, the sort-of "that's-one-more-headache-taken-care-of" look as he stretches his thumbs skyward. The look of fear and terror on the face of the prospective bishop is perfect. It's the look on the face of the wife that merits reappraisal. A grin? Shouldn't the husband's look of panic also be reflected in the wife's face? Knowing that she'll never again enjoy a quiet evening with the family, that there'll be annoying calls in the middle of the night, that she'll never again be able to be seen around town without being judged as the bishop's wife.

    Perhaps I'm wrong, though. Maybe there's more to the story. Maybe her grin and mischievous glance of her eye's upward speak to her knowing that she'll now have more time to herself at home without the constant interference from her meddling husband. She's thinking about how much cleaner the house will be when he's not around so much to mess things up. She's wondering why she didn't lobby for a calling like this in the past. Maybe she's currently in the nursery and she knows she can exert her inside influence to get her freed and called to something like ward-announcement-printer-person, or something like that.

    Or maybe she's just rolling her eyes at her husband's dorky question. And maybe I've got too much time on my hands.

    1. You've got too much time on your hands. Start training for another marathon.

  2. Maybe she just thinks he's being overly dramatic, and she's amused? :)

    Or maybe she's just been handed a release from being Relief Society President, since if I understand correctly, they don't generally have a husband and wife as Bishop and RS President at the same time. :)

  3. Or maybe she's a church calling ladder-climber, and her dream of being on the Relief Society general board is now one step closer.

  4. Or maybe its just a cartoon.