Thursday, April 19, 2012

Of Prophets and Puppets

In hindsight, I should have included Geppetto and Jiminy Cricket in this picture. Shoot, I should have also added a Clown Fish and a Blue Tang. Dang!


  1. I've never actually seen whale taste buds, but I imagine that they look exactly like what you've drawn.

    1. I'm sure the Official colorist of the Mormon Cartoonist would appreciate your complement. Believe it or not, she did some extensive research on whale tongues to ensure that the tongue in the gag matched that of the type of whale that might swallow Jonah and Pinocchio.

      That's why our motto continues to be: "The Mormon Cartoonist: Anatomically correct since 2009."

    2. "...excluding fingers, of course."

  2. You could have also added Captain Ahab to your gag (or at least his leg).