Thursday, May 3, 2012

2012 Summer Movie Preview

Tomorrow (as any nerd worth the tape holding his glasses together could tell you) is the opening of The Avengers! And Saturday is Free Comic Book Day. To celebrate I'm posting today's gag.

I love me some superhero movie and this Summer's one/two punch of Avengers and Dark Knight Rises has me especially giddy.*

How about you? What are you looking forward to in the coming months at your local Googolplex?

*Although, strangely, I'm not at all excited about the new Spider-Man movie coming out this Summer. Everything I've seen with that reboot has left me underwhelmed.


  1. I'm kind of looking forward to the new Men in Black movie. The second one was a little lackluster like most sequels but I think they waited long enough to make that a distant memory and this will be a better cast and story.

  2. We're excited about our plans for Saturday:
    - Free comic book day
    - Avengers (I opted for the 3D tickets and will premedicate for a migraine)
    - Spend all free time coloring in the LDS Coloring Book app

    I, too, am nonplussed about the Spiderman reboot. I'd personally like to see another Fantastic Four movie. Sure, it was campy and cheesy, but if they were to cast the Submariner as the villain I'd definitely pay to see it. But who would they cast in that role?

    How about a movie adaptation of Darkguy?

    1. Namor is one weird looking guy. I can't think of anyone in Hollywood that could play him. (Perhaps a younger, buffer Hugo Weaving, but that would be strange because he'd be costarring with Chris Evans in the Fantastic Four while already having costarred with him in Captain America.)

      Since it doesn't make sense to post this anywhere else, I'll mention it here. I saw The Avengers on Saturday, and it was one of the few times where my overgrown anticipation for a movie was met. Four out of four Captain America shields!

  3. I'm pretty excited about the new Spiderman movie, but mostly because my little Ty thinks that he is Spiderman. I'll be excited to get it on DVD so he can watch the action scenes. I'm a bit tired of Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Venom, and Sandman. But, I can't WAIT for the Dark Knight!!!

  4. I'm pretty sure Cap's costume would have "G" lines showing...