Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cultural Hall Chairs

In my three decades plus, I can't possible begin to calculate the number of times I've set up and taken down folding chairs in the cultural hall. But, to the best of my knowledge, I've never made the mistake of this poor sap featured in this month's New Era.

(I've you're still contemplating whether or not to purchase the LDS Scripture Heroes app, please know that I was informed last night that this weekend it will be on sale for $1.99.)


  1. Would it surprise you that I have kept a running count of all the chairs I have set up and took down since I was a teen and my mom was in YW and I had to help set up and take down for all the YW meetings?

    Actually, I didn't do that but it sounds like something I would've done if I had thought about it.

  2. We are downloading right now! Thanks Arie!

  3. Very funny comic. Did you get a cramp in your hand from drawing all those chairs?

  4. Let's hope this poor guy doesn't have this job as his calling. If so, his bishopric may want to consider calling an assistant, second assistant, etc.

  5. I like the placement of your signature on this one--like a chair sponsor at the symphony.

    1. Finding a place to stick my signature was actually the hardest thing about drawing this gag.