Thursday, September 6, 2012

Are You Ready for Some Football?

I have little more than a passing interest in professional football. I probably haven't watched a game start to finish in over a decade, but I know, without a doubt, that the Philadelphia Eagles are going to win the Super Bowl this season. It's my 100 percent, iron-clad lock of the season.

You see a couple of years ago, I included a Green Bay Packers t-shirt in one of my gags and that season the Packers won it all. It's a one-to-one correlation, I include a NFL logo in a gag and that team wins the Super Bowl. I've tried not to abuse this magic power of mine, but today's gag kind of demanded a NFL logo.

Alas, none of my readership would ever do anything so sinful as gamble, but is it gambling when it's a sure thing? (Yes.)


  1. If any of my readers do actually put money on the Eagles and win a big pay out. I expect a cut. Perhaps the 10 percent you won't be able to pay in tithing...

  2. Why did you pick the Eagles to put in this gag? With great power comes great responsibility.

    1. Joel, if you can convince the Minnesota Vikings to change their logo to something easier to draw, then I'll consider them. (Also, convincing them to start a competent quarterback might help too.)

  3. If this idea of predicting the future through your comics actually proves to be effective, would you consider drawing a gag with our family as the winners of the Publisher's Clearing House?

  4. For the record, I was right about the Philadelphia Eagles! (I was just off by five years.)