Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving in the Field

On my mission there were exactly two processed food items that originated from the United States. One of them was an Uncle Ben's jar of sauce that you could heat up, add chicken, and serve it with rice for a lovely entree.* We missionaries were too lazy to follow all those steps so we would prepare it by dumping the contents cold into a pot of cooked rice and stirring it up. This was the feast I enjoyed on my first Thanksgiving as a missionary. It was the most depressing day of  my mission.**

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*The other food item was the now sadly discontinued Keebler's Elfkins cookie. If you remember, these were miniature EL Fudges only for some reason they tasted much better than an EL fudge chopped up into little pieces (believe me, I've tried).

**Don't worry, my first Thanksgiving wouldn't be the most depressing day of my mission for long. It was soon replaced with my first Christmas in the field where we repeated our Thanksgiving feast and my family was unable to phone me.


  1. I always managed to be near an Army base at Thanksgiving, so we were able to have the full turkey meal deal! Otherwise it would have been the usual rice, fish and kimchi. Try stuffing a bird with that!

  2. Oh that is a sad christmas story. I feel bad for you now even though it has been all these years.

  3. At least you can take comfort in knowing that there was 1 other person who shared your pain on these depressing mission holidays.