Thursday, March 7, 2013


A couple of weeks ago I was teaching a lesson on personal revelation in Sunday School. And as is my wont to do, I shared a number of my gags on the subject. That's when I realized that my inventory of personal revelation jokes had some holes in it. Today's gag attempts to fill one of those holes.

Now I'll be better prepared when that lesson comes around in another four years!


  1. Great cartoon! I wonder how often this actually happens at BYU.

  2. Eric, I was thinking the very same thing. Arie probably picked up this gag after hanging out for a half hour in the Wilk!

  3. Hi I like all your other jokes except this one because it's telling people to drop dead!

    1. Good point. I doubt the girl really wants him to actually die. She'd probably feel really bad if that did happened.