Thursday, April 4, 2013

Signs of the Time

A couple of years ago I quit playing ward basketball. I suffered a shoulder injury diving for a loose ball that convinced me of my mortality. Well, this year I got the itch and decided to lace up my sneakers and give it another go. And you know the sports movies like The Rookie or Cinderella Man where the athlete takes a break from his sport for several years only to discover upon his return that in the interim he's become better than he's ever been?!

Real life is nothing like the movies.

I discovered that I am now a slower, less coordinated ball player than I was the last time I played (and I wasn't much then, either). Basketball isn't quite as fun as it use to be now that I'm permanently glued to the floor.

I realize that there is a time and season to everything and now is the time to walk away from the basketball court. It's okay, though, I had a good run.

Likewise, these March Madness comics have had a good run--five years now. But it is probably time to say goodbye to them as well. I've pretty much said all I can in the 15 gags I've produced. Come next March, I'll run some other middling gags in their place. Don't feel bad, though, just remember our "One Shining Moment".


  1. You say that now, but I bet you $1 that you think of another March Madness gag again next year! And the year after that!

  2. I'm with Christian on this one. You'll have more, you'll have more.

  3. Say it ain't so!

    You'll cave in and pen a few more gags for next year. Ward basketball is just too lucrative a vein to stop mining. I also think you should throw out a few basketball-related caption contests between now and next year.