Monday, June 10, 2013

Scary Dog

Sometimes a dog's bark is worse than its bite.

(Read another strip courtesy of here.)


  1. I used to keep a Doberman Pinscher who was very good at barking & showing her fangs at the window, but extremely soft and loving once I'd let someone in.

    One day a fellow knocked on the door (not a missionary - he'd come on his own!). The Dobie started barking and he asked me "Does he bite?"

    "Only double-glazing salesmen," I joked looking fondly at my dog - then looked back to see that my visitor had taken to his heels... he WAS a double-glazing salesman!

    1. Growing up on a steady stream of Magnum PI, I was convinced that Doberman Pinschers were the scariest dogs in the world. I probably would have been running along side your salesman.