Monday, July 22, 2013

Mission Friends

This past weekend, I participated in a mission reunion with some of the Elders and Sisters I served with 20 years ago in the beautiful Land of Slovenia. It was awesome to reunite with some people I haven't seen in two decades. It reminded me that I will always share an incredibly powerful bond with this group, despite our otherwise obvious differences.

(For a slightly less introspective strip, check out this week's one.)


  1. Whatever you do, you are thrown together with people who you might otherwise have little reason to have as friends - be they neighbours or co-workers. At least with a mission, you have the shared bond of a love for our Heavenly Father and the urge to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Met our Elders in town whilst running errands this morning. Always good to have a chat with them... remember this, folks, always talk to your Missionaries whenever you get the chance!