Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lengthen Your Stride

If you own an Apple mobile devise (iPhone, iPad, iPod), I hope you're one of the 80 thousand plus who've downloaded the LDS Laughs app that collects my comics of the week into one, easy to view location.

And if you've downloaded the app, I hope you've taken the time to leave a glowing review* of it on the app store (only 5-star reviews, please).

One such review from rthrash3 reads: "This app is really funny and I look forward to seeing a new comic!!! But some of them are just a little cheesy."

That critique brings us to today's gag:

Something tells me today's comic isn't going to change rthrash3's opinion of the dairy content of the app.

*My favorite rave review of the app comes from 6$?48 which reads: "This is the second greatest app of all time. Only Angry Birds is better. Once I beat all the levels though, this will be the best app. My family and I study it instead of scriptures now."


  1. I love this comic, but I have just one question: the kid in the gag, is he Billy, Jeffy or PJ?

  2. 80,000!!! "impressed whistling sound" Way to go.