Thursday, July 10, 2014

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

UPDATED: Today's gag comes from an idea by Hunter S.

This morning I got up early to retrieve my copy of the Deseret News. And now I'm looking in slacked-jawed awe as the first of my Mission Daze strips is available in beautiful color right there on page two of the Mormon Times section. Additionally, the paper has a nice, big article introducing me to its readership.

Nearly 20 years ago when I first began drawing the Mission Daze strips, I dreamed of seeing them in print. After submitting them a couple of times to newspapers and book publishers and being rejected at every turn, I resigned myself to the fact that the only place they'd get published would be on this website. But now, there they are: right where I first intended them to be. Now as soon as someone cuts one of those strips out and tapes it to a fridge, all my cartooning dreams will be fulfilled.*

*Well, almost. I want to now sell out with plush dolls, t-shirts, window decals, and a Dreamworks animated film.


  1. This is great :)) Keep up the good work! Being able to smile at ourselves is very healthy! All the best, Robert Dean Luke, Norway.

  2. Well done, Arie! It's always a nice feeling to see your work published...