Monday, September 22, 2014

Mail Woes

Today I'm beginning a series of missionary strips dealing with an issue that missionaries by and large don't have to worry about anymore: mail dry spells. Missionaries these days with their email accounts have it so easy.


  1. I feel sorry for that elder AND for today's missionaries who hardly ever get real mail.

    1. I certainly would rather receive letters in mail boxes than emails. I looked forward every night to checking for mail. Sometimes I got something and sometimes I didn't, but the not knowing added to the pleasure. Today missionaries are pretty much guaranteed to get email every week but they only get it once a week. There's no thrill of the unknown.

      (I would have loved to send an email in place of writing the same letter over and over again and mailing it to a number of different people.)

  2. The advent of e-mail has made it easier for missionaries to keep people updated - the last one from our ward sent a group e-mail to half the congregation every week... and I'm really missing them now he's back home, mission done!

    If there's any missionary in the field who'd like friendly prayful support via e-mail, they'd better get in touch!