Thursday, October 2, 2014

General Con

This weekend is General Conference. It's all the fun of Comic Con* just without the silly costumes.

Make sure you go into General Con prepared with the following items to keep the easily distracted entertained:

*My buddy, Kevin Beckstrom, just happened to come up with a variation on the same joke today. What are the odds?

**It's true, I took a stopwatch to them both.


  1. Great minds think alike...and sometimes we do, too! Nice rendering of the Conference Center.

    Always look forward to your Conference Packet!

  2. Your conference packs are the best, Arie. Thanks!

  3. Hunts for some 1st century AD garments... my Scripture heroine is Phebe of Cenchrea (see Romans 16:1).

  4. Wait, I just caught that -- you're quoting Spengler?