Monday, November 24, 2014

The Mission Report

Here's another strip that's painfully out-of-date. When I was growing up my ward would regularly invite mothers of the missionaries to take a couple of minutes in sacrament meeting to report on their missionaries. At some point, this practice has fallen out of favor--at least in the wards I've attended for the past dozen years. I was always surprised, given the age and maturity of many of our missionaries, that we didn't hear more reports like this.


  1. Our last missionary's dad would sometimes talk about him in testimony meetings (in fact, I did on one occasion as well!) but he'd set up a weekly group e-mail that went to most households in the ward so we were all kept up to date with his adventures.

    1. We've been a part of some of those group emails as well. It's a great way to experience vicariously the ups and downs of full-time missionary service.