Thursday, January 8, 2015

Repeat the Mormons

The creative mind behind today's gag, which considers sequel ideas for Meet the Mormons, comes from faithful reader Molly S. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to include all of her proposed sequels in today's gag. Those sequels include:
  • Cheat the Mormons: There's a reason we don't gamble.
  • Wall Street the Mormons: What happens after LDS Business College.
  • Peat the Mormons: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints looks into nonrenewable energy sources.
  • Discrete the Mormons: Missionaries are more like the Secret Service than ever!
  • Backstreet the Mormons: Show 'em what you're made of.
  • Eat the Mormons: The G-rated horror movie that's fun for the whole family!
Great job, Molly!

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  1. Disclaimer: The credit for "Eat the Mormons" technically goes to Josh S.

    1. In the aftermath of this, Molly and I created a new saga for "Eat the Mormons".
      Eat the Mormons: The G-rated horror movie that's fun for the whole family!
      Sweet the Mormons: Getting their just desserts.
      Heat the Mormons: the prequel to Eat the Mormons
      Meat the Mormons: the prequel to the prequel to Eat the Mormons
      Sweetmeat the Mormons: the Christmas special
      and Wheat the Mormons: Meat the Mormons Vegetarian Edition

    2. Wow! The two of you have crafted a movie series I'd pay movie ticket prices to go see. Make it happen, Hollywood!

  2. Don't forget:

    Tweet the Mormons (Gospel messages in 140 characters or less!)
    Beat the Mormons (The greatest competition ever! Who will win?)
    Bleat the Mormons (Mormons vs. Goats)
    Compete the Mormons (The prequel to Beat the Mormons.)
    Complete the Mormons (The romance story that has everyone crying!)
    Repeat the Mormons (Like Groundhog Day, but Mormon Style!)
    Delete the Mormons (The worldwide cyberspace thriller!)
    Lunch Meat the Mormons (The spinoff of the Eat the Mormons movie series)
    Ejection Seat the Mormons (Yes, they really are spies.)
    Crete the Mormons (The time travel adventure to ancient Greece!)
    Car Seat the Mormons (Safety car lessons for your children from the Mormons.)
    Concrete the Mormons (A construction worker's conversion story.)
    Receipt the Mormons (The story of a grocery clerk writes gospel messages on receipts.)
    Mistreat the Mormons (A PSA about Mormon Missionaries.)
    Replete the Mormons (Mormon Thanksgiving dinner.)

    I came up with all of these with some help from RhymeZone. The possibilities for these movies are as limitless as the rhymes!

    1. Well done, Dalan. We just need a space opera and we've got about every Hollywood genre covered.

  3. I love these, my favorite it "Mistreat the Mormons (A PSA about Mormon Missionaries.)" Kembe Sullivan