Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lord of Hostess

Today's creamy-filled joke comes from faithful reader Annalee A. (well, her eight-year-old daughter who happened to misread a passage in the scriptures.)

Regardless of whoever the credit for today's gag goes to, I'm just excited for the chance to draw Twinkie the Kid and Captain Cupcake,* a couple of Hostess bakery mascots. Believe it or not, this is actually the second Twinkie joke featured on this website. I'm certainly glad the company is doing better than the last time I referenced it.

*Do you suppose Captain Cupcake is in the same navy** as Cap'n Crunch and Donald Duck? Because, wow, what a dysfunctional military force! How has that country not been invaded by a hostile fleet yet?

**And how is it that the navy always seems to get stuck with these strange cartoon characters, can you even think of another animated misfit in uniform? I would love to know what the folks in Annapolis think of these guys.

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