Monday, May 4, 2015

Bike Hair

I remember what a pain it was to deal with bike hair as an Elder, I can't begin to imagine how horrible it must be for the Sisters.


  1. One Sunday, one Elder turned up with a buzz-cut, virtually skin-head style. Everyone was a bit surprised until he explained that he'd been cutting it but the clippers had slipped, giving him a mowed stripe across the side of his head, so he'd trimmed the rest to match!

  2. Haha! Thank you for the laugh and memories. While on my mission (back before they updated the sisters' clothing guidelines from frumpy) I ended up growing my hair out, bangs and all. I would slick it back into a ponytail to fit under a bike helmet. Seeing pictures from my mission makes me wonder what some people thought about Mormons when they saw me in my frumpy old lady clothes and slicked helmet hair.

    1. I feel for Sisters and the choices they have when it comes to mission attire. Especially back in your (and my) era when those choices were rather drab.

      The only choice I had to make was the color of the tie I'd wear. I loved it.