Monday, June 8, 2015

Letters Home

It's surprising to me the number of missionary strips I have laying around that no longer work for today's missionaries. Take today's strip which deals with some missionaries' aversion to writing home. Now days, a missionary like this would have to find a way to avoid long emails not decent letters.


  1. I got a letter from the missionary who taught me (I'm a fairly recent convert) which was almost illegible due to being written on a bus, but when he got home he rang me up and we exchanged e-mail addresses and chatted there instead.

    The last missionary from our ward sent a weekly e-mail to a large mailing list, plus a separate one to his father. He also responded if someone sent him an e-mail. It's always nice to keep in touch!

  2. It's surprising how soon some of the missionary gags become obsolete. They keep raising the bar!

    1. Put that way, it sounds really petty to complain, doesn't it?