Monday, August 24, 2015

AP Worship

Sometimes missionaries get a little too enamored with positions.


  1. Bit too much of an in-joke for a convert who's not been on a mission :( - what is an 'AP' please?

    1. An "AP" is an assistant to the president. If a missionary is called to this position, he works closely with the mission president to assist in training and administration. Typically, their are two APs working as a companionship based out of the mission office.

      For some missionaries, the thought of being called as an AP fills them with dread due to the reduced time they're able to dedicate to regular missionary work. For others, though, it is something they aspire to.

    2. Ah, all is made clear to this ignorant sister, thank you!

      Also explains why Elder Van Dyke's companion is being asked for an autograph after he's been asking Elder Van Dyke how HE likes being an AP... both of them are APs!