Monday, September 14, 2015

Go Long

I bet Tanner Mangum would have completed that pass.

(And speaking of BYU football, here's a gag from fellow Mormon cartoonist Kevin Beckstrom that I wish I'd come up with.)


  1. Ha! Good gag, and thanks for the mention. Be sure to tune in to the last two minutes of this week's game!

  2. Is BYU a good team? We don't hear much about college 'ball in the UK, just NFL (if you know where to look). We do have a local team, Crewe Railroaders, but I stopped attending practice when I converted 'cos they train on Sundays :(

    1. They are a decent team. Their heyday was the 70s and 80s under legendary coach LaVell Edwards. During that time the team regularly finished in the top 25, including the number one ranking and national title in 1984.

      Under Edwards, BYU was an early innovator in the pass game, which earned the program the nickname "quarterback U" and culminated in a Heisman Trophy (for college football's top player) for Ty Detmer in 1990.

      The glory days of BYU football are likely forever in the rear, but from time to time the team will rise up for a memorable season. The early results from this year suggest that might be the case this year. Fingers crossed.