Thursday, November 19, 2015

Rock, Gold Plates, Sword of Laban

Have you ever wondered what we lost with the 116-pages of manuscript? Obviously, the small plates of Nephi provided in the Book of Mormon recount many of the same experiences, but there were likely details of Lehi, Nephi, and their family that are lost to us now. Shoot, there might even have been a description of a game the Nephites used to settle differences much like one we use today.*

*Or today's gag came from the fervent mind of Clint C. Thanks, Clint!


  1. Well, Ari - as I am yet again back in the first chapters of 1st Nephi, it seems that this is most appropriate. I do so love your wacky sense of humor.

  2. What wins what in this game?

    1. Rock beats sword of Laban, sword of Laban beats gold plates, and gold plates beat rock.

  3. Thanks, now I can use this on my brothers to confuse them lol. Thanks for your awesome cartoons!