Monday, January 25, 2016


Sometimes, I might take a reader's submission and really twist it into something altogether different. Take today's strip, for example: recently, frequent contributor Emily P. sent me an idea regarding the classic resurrection teaching prop of a glove fitting on and off of a hand. In the experience she shared, the glove slipped out of a hand at the podium and fell into an open casket below. In and of itself, this is a really funny story, but I struggled with how to represent it in a strip or single-panel gag. Ultimately, my thoughts on the subject led to today's strip.

If you've got an idea you'd like to see me illustrate, please email me. But please recognize that all you'll get out of it is the honor (?) of seeing your idea show up on this page twisted and modified to my liking.


  1. As always, great fun seeing an idea improved upon and illustrated!