Thursday, March 3, 2016

Understanding Isaiah

"...In the days that the prophecies of Isaiah shall be fulfilled men shall know of a surety, at the times when they shall come to pass.

"Wherefore, they are of worth unto the children of men, and he that supposeth that they are not, unto them will I speak particularly, and confine the words unto mine own people; for I know that they shall be of great worth unto them in the last days; for in that day shall they understand them; wherefore, for their good have I written them."

2 Nephi 25:7-8


  1. Isaiah is understood in the latter-day's. It reads as plain as any scriptures to me. You have to wake up to secret combinations that are in our governments in our day and realize how you are supporting them albeit unwittingly. Then liken the scripture to you. Then you'll understand it and wept for the sins we are committing. Hopefully it'll prompt you to repent from any other sins and start to build Zion. If you don't believe what I'm saying Google "the Money Masters, By Bill Still" it's a 3hour documentary done in 1996. This will start helping you to understand Isaiah. Most people don't go there there. Too busy getting programmed via television.

  2. Isaiah 5:20 applies to the condition of much of America today.

  3. I'm reading Isaiah right now. Having access to latter-day scripture really makes Isaiah a lot simpler. You still have to have a good grasp on the scriptures in general, Hebrew history, poetry, and geography, …and a good study manual for the stuff you still didn't get. (Best time to study the Isaiah chapters is probably right after reading the Old Testament!)