Thursday, April 14, 2016

Johnny Lingo!

So, I've been doing this blog for seven years and some change and I've never run a joke on Johnny Lingo! I figured I'd better get to it soon before someone questions my LDS credentials.

What really shocked me as I put this together was the realization of just how old Johnny Lingo is. The film was made in 1969! If I could have held onto this for another three years, I could have recognized its 50th anniversary. It just goes to show you the staying power of cheesy, Mormon pop culture. (Hey, there's hope for this website after all!)


  1. Neat (even if I did have to look up 'Johnny Lingo' before I got the full significance!). When courting, my now husband preferred to quote Proverbs - 'her price is far above rubies'!

  2. Love the joke!!! (And Johnny Lingo)😄😄😄😄😄