Monday, August 8, 2016

First Date Continued

A day or two after I came home from my mission, a former companion took me to a dance club to get back into the social scene. It was like drinking out of a fire hydrant. I felt so out of my depth. I remember visiting with one girl who offered me a piece of gum. I backed away slowly convinced she was trying to get me to kiss her, when she was likely just offering me a piece of gum. Slowly I got comfortable with the fairer sex, but it took some time.

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  1. Yes - last week I met our current missionaries in the street where they'd set up a stand. Now we are blessed in having 2 Elders and 2 Siser Missionaries... one of the Sisters really likes being hugged and promptly grabbed me whilst the Elder she was with was shaking my husband's hand, shouting "Sisters are allowed to hug!" The poor Elder's face was a picture, he clearly would have loved to have been able to accept something more than a handshake!