Thursday, June 1, 2017

Dangerous Speaking Assignment

Originally, the caption for today's gag read: "Suddenly, I'm much more anxious to give my talk in sacrament meeting this coming Sunday." And then I realized that: 1) there was no sacrament for another 39 years and 2) the Nephites would have still been worshiping on Saturday not Sunday at this time.

Historical Accuracy: Something we here at the Mormon Cartoonist pride ourselves on since 2009!*

*Although, I should disclose that most people during the time of Samuel the Lamanite had five not four fingers on each hand.


  1. Don't worry. You could always draw them gloves, like the kind Mickey Mouse wears. Totally historically accurate (I was there! True story. If you want an account, you can check my book in the Book of Mormon. I'm sure "Bob" is in there somewhere...). And anyhoo, you don't have to worry about fingers!

  2. This reminds me of an evening spent in the company of a Jewish family. After sharing the Friday-night meal, we watched Raiders of the Lost Ark. The father of the family looked a bit nervous, it was his turn to read from the scrolls and he hoped they wouldn't kick off like that!

    1. I trust you closed your eyes through the entirety of the reading--just to be safe.

  3. Oh no! The spirit is prompting me to share my testimony too.