Thursday, March 29, 2018

Non-masters of Modesty

I got to tell you, guys, today's gag was so much fun to draw! Although, if you had told 10-year-old me that I would draw a He Man comic for my blog before I'd get around to drawing a GI Joe comic, I never would have believed you.*

While we're one the subject of He Man, let me get some things off my chest since this will likely be the only chance I'll every get to talk about this small but important part of my childhood.
  • While He Man was awesome, Prince Adam was the worst.
  • Wait, I take it back. Orko was the worst.
  • All three of the major 80s cartoons based on boy toys (GI Joe, He Man, and Transformers) misused their villains. Cobra Commander, Skeletor, and Megatron were whiny idiots in their respective shows--but of the three, Skeletor has the most to complain about. Dude had a skull for a head! He should have been the baddest baddie there ever was, instead he's defeated in the Christmas special when some orphan kid throws a snowball in his face.
  • When it came to cartoons, the 80s were a barren wasteland until Duck Tales premiered late in the decade. After that, it was really hard to go back to the likes of Masters of the Universe.**
  • The guy to the left of He Man is named Stratos. He can fly because he strapped wings to his arms. And as ridiculous as that sounds, he was one of the more normal He Man action figures. Plus, he rocked a pretty sweet Brigham Young beard.
  • Seriously, there were Bee Man, Moss Man, and Skunk Man action figures--it was a messed up toyline.
  • Despite the silliness of it all, I loved it so much! The Christmas I got He Man, Skeletor, and Castle Greyskull might have been the best Christmas ever.
*I also would have asked you just what on earth a blog was.

**It was pretty much impossible once Batman: The Animated Series premiered.


  1. This post just brought back so many childhood memories. I thought that castle was the coolest toy ever (maybe not as cool as your millennium falcon) and that She-Ra was the toughest chick while still managing to be the most beautiful. Now I’m holding out for a G.I. Joe cartoon. I hope you can deliver.

  2. "Mor-Man and the Masters of the Universe" would be a great title for a Divine Comedy sketch. Maybe even a musical show. Of course, the "Universe" would be the "Daily Universe".

  3. Have you ever seen the movie Galaxy Quest (my all-time fave)? I was wondering if Dr. Lazarus might have problems with the swearing/vengeance thing, as his signature line is "By Grabthar's hammer, you shall be avenged!" Also, it's Alan Rickman, so why not? :)