Thursday, April 19, 2018

Mormon Secret Signs

We were recently at Disneyland and played this very game. Based on the other guys in BYU t-shirts and women in capris giving our family weird looks, I'm guessing most Mormons at the "happiest place on earth" do the same thing.

Of course there are other clues you can look for other than large clans, knee length shorts, and BYU paraphernalia in identifying a fellow Mormon at a Disney park. There's also the lack of Mickey ears (we're far too practical to blow $25 on something so frivolous) as well as a backpack full of outside-the-park snacks (again, on account of our cheapness).

Is there anything else that I'm missing?


  1. Yeah, I do this, too (and feel really guilty about it sometimes). There was a recent post about this family that sung something from Les Mis (it went viral). There were tons of signs that they were LDS, so a game was made out of it.